I'm Charlie. Nice to meet you!

Musician. Cook. Geek. I have an obsession with technology, music, food, and science. I have a Degree in Biology and I am going to school to become a Physical Therapist. I want to travel more than I can. I’m overly adventurous. I love new experiences. I like making things simple. I love cooking, rocking out to music and dancing in my car, and reading. I love those special quiet moments. I love the classics. I love love. I love people. School would be a waste of time if it weren’t so good for me. I daydream too often. I can’t draw or paint or make art, but I can see it in so many ways.
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evening, sir.


I just had to reblog. because moonstache

This need a Moonacle.

This is how Batman signals for Alfred…

You just made my day

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really looking forward to the next john green book


really looking forward to the next john green book

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This has got to be one of the funniest bits on SNL in a very long time.  

"That was not a voice.  THAT was a baby having sex."

"Oh no, it’s OK, that’s Iggy Azalea and she’s white."
"…I guess now we know you’re a racist."

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why does this remind me of rocky horror picture show?



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I think the fandom has gone off their rocker.

Honestly we maintained our sanity longer than I had expected.

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Shang’s journey to self discovery as told by me

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joan of arc came back as a little girl in japan, and her father told her to stop listening to her imaginary friends.

elvis was born again in a small village in sudan, he died hungry, age 9, never knowing what a guitar was.

michelangelo was drafted into the military at age 18 in korea, he painted his face black with shoe polish and learned to kill.

jackson pollock got told to stop making a mess, somewhere in russia.

hemingway, to this day, writes dvd instruction manuals somewhere in china. he’s an old man on a factory line. you wouldn’t recognise him.

gandhi was born to a wealthy stockbroker in new york. he never forgave the world after his father threw himself from his office window, on the 21st floor.

and everyone, somewhere, is someone, if we only give them a chance.

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Abbey Road #thebeatles #abbeyroad (at Abbey Road Crossing)

Platform 9 3/4!!! #harrypotter #london #kingscrossstation #ravenclaw #eurotrip2014 (at Platform 9¾)

Enjoying a pint of Aspall Beer in The Clarence Pub right next to Downing Street and Big Ben! #fishandchips #beer #eurotrip2014 (at The Clarence)

Favorite take off song. #brighteyes



The most Powerful scene of the whole series.

This scene is so beautiful to me because it’s one of those things the writers put in for the older viewers despite the overwhelming younger demographic, but instead of some kind of sexual joke, it’s an actually powerful wake-up call.

Just because someone is of the same blood as you, doesn’t mean you automatically have to love them. Your family needs to earn your love and respect, not mandate it due to the presence of mutual genes. And I think that’s something a lot of us don’t realize until we’re older, and it’s a bit too late.

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Knowing that he wouldn’t be there for her wedding, a terminally ill father walked his 11-year-old down the ‘aisle’ years early with the pastor sweetly pronouncing them ‘daddy and daughter’.

Jim Zetz, 62, from Murrieta, California, who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, proudly held his daughter, Josie’s hand during their backyard ceremony on March 14 and placed a sparkling ring on her index finger.” 


oh my god the tears

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